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Most often, the term labiaplasty refers to a procedure used to reduce and even out the inner lips - labia minora - of the exterior female genitalia. The women who request this procedure are uncomfortable with the size of the labia minora, their non-symmetrical appearance, length, or discoloration. Often they experience discomfort during sexual intercourse, embarrassment, discomfort wearing exercise clothing and other tight garments, and during certain kinds of physical exercise. Typically, they come to Dr. Ashford to "trim" the labia minora for a more "tucked up" appearance - so their labia minora will not extend beyond the labia majora (outer lips).

Depending on the desired outcome, the labiaplasty procedure can be used to reduce the size of the labia, reshape the labia for a more even appearance, and repair the effects of aging and childbirth.

The Difference Between Labiaplasty and Vaginal Rejuvenation

There is some confusion with vaginoplasty (vaginal rejuvenation) and labiaplasty. Some women have been misinformed about the procedures and what they can expect. Vaginoplasty - vaginal rejuvenation - is a procedure that reduces both the interior and exterior dimension of the vagina also known as the birth canal. (Women often experience a relaxation of the vaginal muscles and surrounding tissue support as a result of aging and childbirth.) Labiaplasty reduces the size of and improves the appearance of the labia minora - the inner lips.

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Dr. Ashford is a board-certified gynecologist and urogynecologist with extensive surgical experience. He has been using the daVinci surgical robot and laser surgical tools for many years to precisely repair many kinds of pelvic issues in women of all ages. His superb training and experience combined with a gift for aesthetic surgical outcomes makes him the ideal choice for women seeking laser labiaplasty and similar cosmetic gynecology procedures. Though many physicians now offer this procedure, Dr. Ashford stands out as an experienced OB/GYN with the training and expertise to provide women with the outcomes they desire.

Dr. Ashford also has the confidence of other doctors. He is a member of the exclusive American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery. To become a member of this prestigious organization, Dr. Ashford was nominated by another cosmetic surgeon who can vouch for his skills and abilities. There is no other way to become a member.

In addition, Dr. Ashford has been recognized by his peers as a "Top Doctor" in both the July 2014 and 2015 issues of Mpls/St. Paul Magazine. He is also recognized nationwide as a "Super Doctor" on


Frequently Asked Questions about Labiaplasty

Labiaplasty is often the word used to describe procedures that reduce the size and refine the appearance of the labia minora - or inner "lips". It doesn't not involve the vagina itself. That procedure is Vaginal Rejuvenation. Some women choose to have their outer "lips" - the labia majora - enhanced as well.

Both, actually. Most often when people refer to labiaplasty, they are referring to enhancements to the labia minora. However, some women choose to have improvements made to the labia majora as well. Minnesota Labiaplasty provides these procedures as well. You can read more about it here. >>

The size, color and shape of the female labia - the inner “lips” surrounding vagina - vary significantly from woman to woman. The truth is this: there is no “normal” or ideal appearance. Like everything else on our bodies, the labia come normally in all shapes and sizes.

Labia come in various sizes, colors and shapes - yet many women feel self-conscious with labia that are elongated, asymmetrical or protruding from the vagina. Some women suffer chronic irritation and discomfort from wearing clothing, during sex, exercise or other physical activities. Some women are born with these labial variances while often times the labia become stretched and asymmetric over time. Childbirth can impact the appearance of the labia as well.

Whatever the reason for considering labiaplasty, Dr. Ashford will provide consultation and recommendations without judgement. As a board certified Female Pelvic Medicine and Reconstructive Surgeon, he is uniquely qualified to prove the result you seek.

Following labiaplasty surgery sex should be avoided for six weeks. After this time of healing, any embarrassment, concerns or issues with the labia will be gone. As a result many women tell us there is an emotional improvement to sex. There is no functional change in sex after labiaplasty. Women looking for functional improvement in sexual sensation and experience need vaginoplasty or vaginal rejuvenation. Making this clear distinction separates Dr. Ashford from the plethora of plastic surgeons rushing to do labiaplasty. In addition to labiaplasty, Dr. Ashford can tighten the vagina resulting in improvement to the sexual experience.

Yes! Minnesota Labiaplasty and Minnesota Women's Care offer financing through both American Healthcare Lending and Care Credit. We also accept most major credit cards. Visit our Financing page for more detailed information.



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Labia Majora Enhancements

While most often labiaplasty refers to the procedures used to change the appearance of the labia minora - the inner "lips" - Minnesota Labiaplasty also offers procedures to enhance the Labia Majora - the outer "lips." Read more about Labia Majora Enhancements. >>