Labia Majora Enhancements

Surgical enhancements for the labia majora.

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Non-surgical Vaginal Rejuvenation Labia Majora Enhancements

Women seek two different procedures for the labia majora: augmentation or reduction. This is the difference:

Labia Majora Augmentation

Many women seek Augmentation Labiaplasty of the Labia Majora - commonly referred to as the outer "lips" of the vulva.  With aging this area may sag and appear deflated. The process we use is Autologous Fat Transfer. With this procedure fat is removed via liposuction from the abdomen and transferred to the vulva. This can improve the contour of the labia majora. If liposuction is performed simply to harvest fat for the transfer, this can be a relatively fast procedure as less than 30cc of fat is usually needed.

The fat is harvested in a sterile manner, processed and washed with a double antibiotic solution and then placed in syringes which are connected by a tubing to a special cannula which is used to aesthetically inject the fat into the labia majora for an enhanced look. Patients can choose to have only enough fat removed to do the AFT to the labia majora or they may choose to have multiple areas of full Liposuction simultaneously.

Labia Majora Reduction

This procedure is also performed on the Labia Majora - the large outer "lips" of the vulva - in women who feel that their Labia Majora is too bulky.  A reduction enhances the appearances in these cases.


Frequently asked questions about labia majora enhancements:

The procedure we use is called "Autologous Fat Transfer." In simple terms this means that fat cells we harvest through liposuction from your abdomen are used to "plump" up and enhance the outer "lips."

Yes, absolutely. Dr. Ashford is trained and experienced in liposuction techniques. Some women choose to have liposuction on multiple areas during the same procedure.

Most often, the word labiaplasty refers to procedures used to improve or enhance the inner "lips" - the labia minora. As our name suggests, we do offer these procedures. You can read more here. >>

Yes! We have two great solutions. Visit this page or talk with us directly.